Enter the contest at our new website

You can find info about entering the contest at our new website: http://competitions.nppa.org/about-tv-quarterly/

Here is the direct link to the Q1 entry form: https://nppa.org/page/tvqcc-qtr-1-entry-form

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2015 Awards

All Q4 2015 results and POY, SOY are on our new site: http://competitions.nppa.org/about-tv-quarterly/

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We’re moving!

The TV Quarterly Clip Contest now has a new home: competitions.nppa.org.  The new site was built for the NPPA to help bolster all the competitions and organize them all in one spot.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 3.10.16 PM

This isn’t a rebuild of our old site – it’s completely new and built from the ground up to showcase the work of the best photojournalists in the world. The site looks clean, modern, and is customizable to our needs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 3.11.47 PM

Our old site has served us well over the last seven years, but has received very little updating and  is starting to show it’s age. Additionally, being separate from the main NPPA.org page has always caused some confusion. The new site brings us back under the NPPA umbrella, and comes with a number of enhancements. So besides looking sexier, what’s new?

  • Newest results are posted front and center
  • New filters to sort and find older results
  • Judges Comments are posted alongside winning videos (example)
  • Entry forms will be behind the NPPA login, preventing non-members from entering.
  • Archives – Many contest documents are available for download, including Judging/Feedback forms dating back to 2013 and POY winners going back to 1971.

When will this happen? It already has, sort of. You can visit the site now by going to competitions.nppa.org. Soon the URL tv.nppa.org will be re-routed to the new site, and the old one will be inaccessible.  No information will be lost – we’ve taken great care to transfer all of the Archives to the new site. I hope you enjoy it, please use the Contact Form on the new site to send us feedback, we will continue to improve.

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East Top and General Standings updated

Find the latest standings here. If you notice an error, please contact us.

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Introducing Central Top Chair, Drew Smith

Drew SmithHi, I’m Drew Smith, photojournalist at KDVR in Denver.  I’m the guy next to my wife in the picture.  I’m stepping into Sean Towle’s shoes for the Central Top region.  I have been shooting for eight years, starting at WKOW in Madison, WI, moving to Portsmouth, VA to work at WAVY, and now to Denver at KDVR.

I wanted to help because I know that feeling when you see a really great story, and for me, judging NPPA stories is what first made me go, “How do I do that?”  I’ve been an NPPA member for almost four years.  I will leave you with a wish: May your comment section always be filled!…  Seriously, please fill that out!  Everyone loves a solid and useful critique!

Looking forward to another great year for the TVQCC!

Contact Drew

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Contest open for Q4 entries January 1st-10th.

The contest is now open for Q4 entries (stories published from October 1 – December 31). Please read the rules carefully and enter early. Late entries will not be accepted.

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Central General Standings Updated

All results for Central General are in and the Standings have been updated. Solo Video Contest results are not yet included.

WQAD is currently on top of the Station Standings. Andy Wallace from WBNS sits on top of the Photojournalist Standings.

Central Region Standings

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Changes to Central General

Carolyn Hall is stepping down as Central General Chair in order to focus more on her other duties in the NPPA, as Treasurer. She has done an excellent job in Central General for the last three years, and before that, as Certificate Chair. Carolyn, you will be missed!

Luckily, her husband can quickly take over her position. Please welcome Scott Jensen to the contest team. Scott is a previous National Chair of the TVQCC. Please direct any Central General contest questions to him at alaska.jensen@gmail.com.

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Contest is open for entries October 1st-10th

The contest is now accepting third quarter entries. Late entries will not be accepted so enter please enter early.

New this quarter: Only MP4 files will be accepted. Our video servers seem to have the best luck with this format. Here are some basic guidelines for compression:

Format: H.264 only. File extension must be ‘.mp4’
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 or 1024 x 720 recommended. Others accepted.
Frame rate: 29.97 or 30 recommended. Others accepted.
Bitrate: 8-12mbps recommended. Max size is 250MB.
Audio: Stereo or mono, but panned Left Right tracks should be mixed

Please read the rules, prepare your video files, and enter the contest.

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The Four C’s of the TV Quarterly Clip Contest

The NPPA recently re-launched it’s weekly newsletter, and included a nice write-up about what it takes to do well in the contest.

The contest is judged by four parameters: Content, Craft, Creativity, and Commitment. But really we could just have one, Commitment, because that directly affects everything else. Did the photojournalist go the extra mile for this story? Sometimes good Content falls right in front of your face, but oftentimes we need to hunt for it and not settle until we have the compelling moments between a store manager and her customers that the story needed in “King Donut” by Steve Fedoriska. Sometimes you get lucky, but most of the winning stories are a result of crews who put themselves into a position to get lucky.

You can read the full story here: https://nppa.org/news/four-cs-tv-quarterly-clip-contest

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Central General 2nd Quarter Results

All 2nd Quarter Central General results are in, and the standings have been updated.

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Open for Entries July 1 -10th

The contest is now accepting entries! Please read the rules and enter the contest early!

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