2011 3rd Qtr West Top Station

Spot News1st PlaceKevin SullivanKUSA/Denver"Tree Shocked"
2nd PlaceEverett McEwanKDVR/DenverThe Heavens Have Spoken"
3rd Placenot awarded
HMMichael AbeytaKDVR/Denver"Tow Truck Driver Killed"
Deadline1st PlaceDave AlthouseKDVR/Denver"She Didn't Have to Die That Way"
2nd PlaceThomas ColeKUSA/DenverOver My Roof"
3rd PlaceKevin SullivanKUSA/Denver"Train X"
HMCorky SchollKUSA/Denver"Raging Waters"
General News1st PlaceRyan CoeKING/Seattle"Curious Case of Mr. B"
2nd PlaceJeffrey ChristianKING/Seattle"What Summer?"
3rd PlacePete CassamKING/Seattle"Slacklining is Not a Crime"
HMKen McCormickKGW/Portland"Oldest Fridge"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceDave AlthouseKDVR/Denver"Dotan the Piano Man"
2nd PlaceDave AlthouseKDVR/Denver"Revolutionary War with Water Balloons"
3rd PlaceKyle ZuelkeKLAS"He's up there somewhere"
HMTom TedfordKING/Seattle"Beulah Blue"
In Depth1st PlaceDouglas BurgessKING/Seattle"Team Momentum"
2nd PlaceMatt MrozinskiKING/Seattle"Thriller Kid"
3rd PlaceDouglas BurgessKING/Seattle"The Climb Part 5"
HMCorky SchollKUSA/Denver"Life's Intersections"
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