2011 4th Qtr Central General

Spot News1st PlaceRandy SchumacherWHO/Des Moines. IA"It Just Hurts"
2nd PlaceSean TowleWITI/Milwaukee, WI"Christmas Escort"
3rd PlaceJim Harris KYTV/Springfield, MO"3G Plant Fire"
HMNot Awarded
Deadline News1st PlaceRandy SchumacherWHO/Des Moines, IA "Special Delivery"
2nd PlaceGeorge TaylorKWCH/Wichita, KS"It's Not Enough"
3rd PlaceSean TowleWITI/Milwaukee, WI"Scary Business"
HMTom Schultheis KYTV/Springfield, MO"Grace"
General News1st PlaceJoel GirdnerKSPR/Springfield, MO"Ozarker Right of Passage"
2nd PlaceDavid Bradford WJW/Cleveland, OH"Let's Roll"
3rd PlaceGeorge TaylorKWCH/Wichita, KS"Making Christmas Better"
HMKevin LewisWNDU/South Bend, IN"An Honest Day's Work"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceTim VisteWITI/Milwaukee, WI"Organ Guy"
2nd PlaceDavid BradfordWJW/Cleveland, OH"Trick or Treat Test"
3rd PlaceJon ReidyWITI/Milwaukee, WI"Miller Park Salmon"
HMNot Awarded
In Depth1st PlaceRandy SchumacherWHO/Des Moines, IA"Sky Rise"
2nd PlaceSean TowleWITI/Milwaukee, WI"Shipwrecked"
3rd PlaceMatt NelsonKCRG/Cedar Rapids, IA"McNutt the Artist, not McNutt the Pass Catcher"
HMNot Awarded
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