2012 1st Qtr Central General Station

Spot News1st PlaceAli GhanbariWJW-TVWe Heard A "Bam Bam Bam
2nd PlaceGeorge TaylorKWCHNot What They Expected To Learn
3rd PlaceJames ThomasWAVEIt Really Does Sound Like That
HMJoel GirderKSPRDallas County Brush Fire
Deadline News1st PlaceRobin YanceyKYTVHomeless Again
2nd PlaceGeorge TaylorKWCHThis Is Not My Neat
3rd PlaceJoel GirdnerKSPRNoah's Ark Man
HMRandy SchumacherWHO-TVShe Saved Our Lives
General News1st PlaceRandy SchumacherWHO-TVWe're Loving It
2nd PlaceJeff FeltonWHO-TVAccidental Communte
3rd PlaceTom SchultheisKYTVKids Helping Kids
HMBen KnaupKSPRBiking in Springfield
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceBilly MuhammedWJWSpring Fling
2nd PlaceMatt NelsonKCRGPotato For President
3rd PlaceTaka YokoyamaKMBCPlay Time Feel Like Work
HMAli GhanbariWJWYelling Coach
In Depth1st PlaceJohn C. WilsonWKYT Elliot Porter
2nd PlaceGeorge TaylorKWCH1 In 7 Billion
3rd PlaceMike BorlandWHO-TVMore Bang For Your Buck
HMRandy SchumacherWHO-TVStorage Wars
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