2012 1st Qtr East Top Station

Spot News1st PlaceNick MoronWAVYPoor Sunny
2nd PlaceBen MulkeyWLOSAre You Stupid?
3rd PlaceLuke RollinsWBFFNice Cars, Super Friendly
HMLuke RollinsWBFFA Chance to Win
Deadline News1st PlaceNick MoronWAVYBeep Your Horn
2nd PlaceKenny BeckerWAVYRemembering Ira
3rd PlaceBen MulkeyWLOSLet's Go Bulldogs
HMJohn KirtleyWLOSEarl Scruggs Remembered
General News1st PlaceDavid LarsonWBFFCommunity of Heavy Hearts
2nd PlaceJason FischerWBFFUp to the Challenge
3rd PlaceJon SamuelsWXIAChicken Fight
HMKenny BeckerWAVYBig E
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceDavid LarsonWBFFProject Linus
2nd PlaceJon SamuelsWXIAFlo
3rd PlaceJohn KirtleyWLOSLeap Year Triplets
HMDan RenzettiNews 12, CTAmiya's Voice
In Depth1st PlaceNick MoronWAVYPattern of Inspiration
2nd PlaceJohn KirtleyWLOSKicking Yoda
3rd PlaceJason FischerWBFFZaching
HMJames SearlsWBFFLet me at 'em
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