2012 1st Qtr Central Top Station

Spot News1st PlaceTed NelsonWTVFWonderful place to live
2nd PlaceSean TowleWITIDetour needs Detour
3rd PlaceJason HansonKSTPRabbits Were Lost
HMWilliam MiddekeKAREIt Didn't Look Right
Deadline News1st PlaceJeremiah ScavoKCCIBleacher Buddies
2nd PlaceKale ZimnyWITIPlaying Through the Pain
3rd PlaceSean TowleWITIState of the Protest
HMChad NelsonKSTPAll for Jabs
General News1st PlaceAngelica DonesWTVFEggner's Bridge
2nd PlaceChad NelsonKSTPI'd Hire 30 People
3rd PlaceJared BergersonKSTPDog Trip
HMJohn DuongWTHRHelen's Garden
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceAndrew KonkleWITIPlay Ball?
2nd PlaceScott AllenWTHRBike Messenger Boom
3rd PlaceDavid PeterlinzKTULLogan's Story
HMNathan ThompsonWTVFThis'll Be My First Ape
In Depth1st PlaceRob CollettKTULRyder and Tom
2nd PlaceWilliam MiddekeKAREIt's Been a Good Run
3rd PlaceTim VisteWITIThe Shape of an Artist
HMSean TowleWITIFighting to Fight
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