Contest Entry Numbers

It is a goal of ours to try to get out as much contest information as possible out to our entrants.  In the spirit of that, we are publishing the contest entry numbers so that you can get a better idea of how many people enter the contest, and how competitive each category is.

Contest EntriesOne thing is for certain – the contest is growing.  2012 saw 500 more entries then 2010.  2013 Q1 is the highest-entered quarter in years.  Regionally, the Central Region is the lowest entered.  Historically that hasn’t always been the case – in 2010 the East Region had only 369 entries.  It is now the most-entered with 654 entries in 2012.

I was encouraged to learn that the 1st Quarter of 2013 had 544 entries.  In comparison, 1st Quarter of 2012 had 385.  2013 Q1 Total EntriesOverall, General News is the most competitive category at 36%.  Spot News is the lowest entered at less then 9%.  Some regions barely have enough spot news entries to place a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  So if these numbers tell you anything, they should tell you this – ENTER SPOT NEWS.  The Solo Video Contest is much better balanced.  The four categories range from 19-30% each.  Here again, General News is the most entered.  In-Depth is the lowest.


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  1. Joe O'Neill says:

    To even out the entries a little more, is it worth looking into moving Florida to the central region for 2014?

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