Now Accepting Entries

The contest is now accepting third quarter entries.  Please read the rules and then Enter the Contest. While you choose your entries, consider this – General News is the most commonly entered category. Spot News is the least entered.  Click here for the full statistics.

Also keep in mind the Top three most common entry mistakes:

1. Mislabeling the video clips. Make sure your video files are named according to the rules, ie, GENERAL NEWS_FLOOD RECOVERY.mp4

2. Video files are too large. Our server space is limited. Stories must be kept under 100MB. Longer, In Depth stories can be up to 250MB.

3.  The Story Name does not match the video clip. It is important to use the same name for the video file as you do on the form. This will prevent your video from getting lost.

Being in the news business, we like to push things right up to the last minute. Unfortunately, when breaking news hits, you might not be able to get your entry in on time, so enter early and good luck!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Also if you are new to the contest please make sure you are entering the correct region. If you are not sure contact a contest chair.

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