Rule Clarification – “NAT packages” in Solo Video Contest

The Solo Video Contest has received a higher number of “NAT package” entries this year. Until now, the rules have remained unclear on the eligibility of a reporter-less story for this contest. After some discussion, we have decided that these stories do not fit within the spirit of the Solo Video Contest and the rules need to be clearer.

The purpose of the Solo Video Contest is to recognize the work of those working outside the traditional role of photojournalist or reporter. It also serves to encourage a higher standard and growth for those who face the unique challenges of working alone.

Without any written words to judge, NAT packages “do not require the journalist to work outside the traditional responsibilities of a photojournalist”.  In order for  entrants to be judged on a level ground, all stories must meet the same criteria.  Moving forward NAT packs  will only be  accepted in the TV  Quarterly Clip Contest. The modified rules for Solo Video Contest Entries now reads as follows:

An entry must have been published (online or on TV) for the first time during the contest quarter. The entrant must have shot at least 90% of the entry. The entrant must also have written, tracked, and edited the entry.  “NAT packages” (stories without reporter track) are not allowed. Re-editing is not allowed. There is no penalty to the entrant if file or historical video is used, although historical or file video cannot exceed more than 25% of the total story run time.

***You may only enter one contest each quarter*** If you choose to enter the TV Quarterly Clip Contest you may NOT enter the Solo Video Contest in the same quarter and vice-versa.

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John Thain, TV Quarterly Clip Contest Chair
Andy Miller, Solo Video Contest Chair

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2 Responses to Rule Clarification – “NAT packages” in Solo Video Contest

  1. I’m sure that this won’t count — and it probably won’t be an issue with me this year. BUT what if the reporter introduced the story on set? Or if they have a look live?

    Does that change things?

  2. Drew Douglas says:

    I have an idea,

    I’m new to NPPA, joining this week.

    I’m a photographer during the week and only a solo video journalist on weekends. I started as a photojournalist and do a lot of nats packages. I would like to be able to submit my best nats packages AND my best solo work. Why would the rules exclude a solo journalist from submitting NATS stories when a regular photojournalist can be rewarded for their NATS pieces as well as pieces in which they worked with a reporter?

    I think a third category should be created for NATS pieces.

    SO… you would end up with three categories:

    1. Traditional Photojournalism (Photographer who shot/edited worked with a reporter who wrote/tracked)
    2. Solo Photojournalism (One-man-band who shot, wrote, tracked, and edited)
    2. Natural Sound Photojournalism (Photographer shot and edited, story has no script/track)

    If categories are spread out this way, it would be more fair to photojournalists like me, without stepping on toes of more traditional photojournalists. Let photographers submit a total of 3 entries per quarter to any of the categories. So… I could submit one of each possibly. What are we afraid of, one photographer winning all three categories in a quarter? So what? More power to them. We should celebrate their talent then, it only raises the bar for all of us, pushing us to become better.

    Just my humble opinion.

    San Antonio, TX

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