New Central Top Chair – Sean Towle

Sean Towle of KDVR in Denver, CO will be taking over Central Top Pool. Meet Sean!

Sean Towle“I’ve spent 10 years in TV working as a photographer, including 4 years as an MMJ. I started at WEAU in Eau Claire, WI before moving on to WKOW in Madison. after 4 years split between being an MMJ and the chief sports photographer. I then went to WITI in Milwaukee where I began to get heavily involved in the NPPA Quarterly Contests. After a couple years in Milwaukee, I finally left the state of Wisconsin and headed west to KDVR in Denver starting on Jan. 1 of 2013. I’ve taken part in the contests for the past 3 years, finishing as the West General POY runner up in 2013. I was also part of a great staff at WITI that was SOY finalist in 2012. I am looking forward to being regional chair and hope to get results back faster than Carolyn Hall Jensen, if that is possible.”

The amazing Corky Scholl is stepping down after many years of awesome service to the contest. Thank you, Corky for all that you’ve done to make the contest a success!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Healthy competition, eh Towle?

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