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Previous year’s awards.

Standings updated

Standings updated for regions with complete results. That is: East Top, Central General, Central Top, and West Top. Keep in mind Station Standings will likely change when Solo Video Journalist results are tallied.

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Matt Pearl – 2013 Solo Video Journalist of the Year

We talk to Matt Pearl about telling great stories, and doing it alone.

Matt referred to a tip he was given years ago. “Back-time your day.” he says. “It involves really understanding your own skill-set, how long it takes you to shoot a story, to log a story, to log 10 minutes of tape vs 20 minters of tape.” He says knowing how long it takes you do to these things keeps you “locked in” and working under a rigid schedule, and that’s what you need to turn great stories alone and under pressure. You can watch his story “Still Seeing the Hand of God” and other winning stories below.

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The contest is no longer accepting entries for Q3

We will re-open for Q4 starting January 1st, 2015. Good luck!

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Anne Herbst – 2013 West General Photographer of the Year

We talk to Anne Herbst about what it takes to tell great stories.

Anne is somewhat unique in that she has embraced all sides of storytelling, especially the writing. “I was a newspaper reporter before I was a television photojournalist, which is really kind of an odd path, but I felt like it was a way to set me apart.” She says.  “The writing is something that I’ve always loved and I’ve grown to love it even more. I love helping people with their writing, and I think it’s important if you think you are able to do it, you should always take a stab at it.”

You can find “The Heartbeat of a City” and Anne’s other winning 2013 stories in the playlist below.

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David Larson – 2013 East Top Photographer of the Year

“When you are in news long enough, I think you start seeing a lot of repetition, and while the facts about a story can change, you kind of feel like you are covering the same things over and over again, but what is constantly changing and evolving is characters. By trying to find those unique characters and making them a focus point in your story, you are going to start creating a larger interest and a connection with people who are watching.” -David Larson

David says he has learned a lot from watching the winners of the TV Quarterly Clip Contest over the years. You can learn from Larson by watching his best work in 2013 below.

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Michael Driver -2013 West Top Photographer of the Year

We talk to Michael Driver about his work in 2013. He says one of the secrets to his stories is building relationships. “Before you put your camera on somebody, before you put the microphone on and start rolling, build a rapport with that person, talk to that person like they are your best friend.”  Driver currently works at KATU in Portland.

We mention the story “I miss you Beryl”. You can find it and all of Driver’s winning stories in 2013 in the playlist below.

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Reminder: Read the category definitions

Every quarter we receive entries that do not fit the category definitions. Most of the time, we end up having to disqualify them. So please re-read the rules, and consult an expert at your station, or a regional chair with questions.

  • Spot News (maximum length: 3 minutes)-A story focused on an unscheduled and/or unfolding news event for which there was no opportunity for planning. The story must have been shot, edited, and published within 12 hours. Original helicopter aerial video may be treated as file in this category.
  • General News (maximum length: 5 minutes)-An issue-oriented story or a story of an event for which there was advance notice and/or opportunity for planning. The story must have been shot, edited, and published within 12 hours. Stories that could be considered features may be disqualified from this category.
  • Deadline News (maximum length: 3 minutes)-Any type of story or coverage of an event shot, edited and published within 4 hours. Due to the broad nature of this category, judges must consider each entry against that story’s genre standard. Photojournalists whose product best matches the idealized version of the genre will be awarded accordingly.
  • News Feature (maximum length: 5 minutes)-A general news feature, light feature, or human-interest story. The story must have been shot in less then 24 consecutive hours and edited within another 24 consecutive hours.
  • In Depth (maximum length: 10 minutes)-A planned story where the photojournalist puts considerable time and effort into the story’s planning and production. A series of stories may be submitted as one entry as long as the sum of the parts does not exceed 10 minutes. There is no time limit for story production.
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John Wilson – 2013 Central General Photographer of the Year

John Wilson tells us what it takes to bring back memorable stories.

“Shoot and move” is a style he strives for in every story. “I talk to reporters and I say, look, on this interview I’m going to be moving around, and even if it’s a day turn story, I never want to have the same interview.” Wilson says.  He also talks about how to take the skills he practiced in in-depth stories and apply them to the deadline driven daily news grind. There’s lots of examples of this in his work below – stories that earned him the POY title.

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The contest is open for Q3 entries

The contest is now accepting entries for Q3 –  stories that were aired/published between July 1 and September 30. Read the rules and enter today. The deadline is October 10, late entries will not be accepted.

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Promotion: Save on NPPA dues

nppa logo (1)The NPPA did a survey this year of 1,609 active NPPA members.

-27% of members make less then $25,000 a year
-73% pay the dues out of their own pocket

$110 is a lot of beer money. To help make that due payment easier to swallow, the NPPA has a promotion going on right now. Recruit a new member and each of you save $20. The contest re-opens for Q3 entries on October 1. Now is the perfect time to get your friend or co-worker to enter the contest in Q3, save money, and strengthen the organization that works to advocate on your behalf. The benefits go far beyond this contest.

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New Central Top Chair – Sean Towle

Sean Towle of KDVR in Denver, CO will be taking over Central Top Pool. Meet Sean!

Sean Towle“I’ve spent 10 years in TV working as a photographer, including 4 years as an MMJ. I started at WEAU in Eau Claire, WI before moving on to WKOW in Madison. after 4 years split between being an MMJ and the chief sports photographer. I then went to WITI in Milwaukee where I began to get heavily involved in the NPPA Quarterly Contests. After a couple years in Milwaukee, I finally left the state of Wisconsin and headed west to KDVR in Denver starting on Jan. 1 of 2013. I’ve taken part in the contests for the past 3 years, finishing as the West General POY runner up in 2013. I was also part of a great staff at WITI that was SOY finalist in 2012. I am looking forward to being regional chair and hope to get results back faster than Carolyn Hall Jensen, if that is possible.”

The amazing Corky Scholl is stepping down after many years of awesome service to the contest. Thank you, Corky for all that you’ve done to make the contest a success!

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Now accepting entries

The contest is now open for 2nd quarter entries. The deadline is July 10. Late entries will not be accepted.

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