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2012 2nd Qtr East General Station

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2012 2nd Qtr East Top Station

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2012 1st Qtr East General Station

Spot News1st PlaceLeighton GrantWBTVLightning Fire Rain
2nd PlaceTim HawkinsWTVRShut it Down
3rd PlacePhil WilletteWBBHFort Myers House Fire
HMEric KetteringWJZCambridge Standoff
Deadline News1st PlaceCharles MenefeeWTVRIt’s More Real
2nd PlaceEric KetteringWJZDrowning Out the Hate
3rd PlaceEvan StulbergerWNBCThe Tracks on Newkirk Avenue
HMJoe O'NeillWCIVUntil I'm 100 or Well Beyond
General News1st PlaceLeighton GrantWBTVAmendment One
2nd PlaceJason BoydWCNCA Nervous Click
3rd PlaceJoe O'NeillWCIVDecommissioning Dallas
HMFerlon Webster, Jr.WGHPTime to Get Doggy
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBCWill Power
2nd PlaceJoe O'NeillWCIVOh Say Can You Sing?
3rd PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBCSupermodel Treatment
HMDan RobbinsWCNCMovie Town
In Depth1st PlaceEric SanderWGHPThe Best Sound I've Ever Heard
2nd PlaceDave MacQueenWCIVMorgan's Heart, Parts 1 & 2
3rd PlaceMatthew ApthorpWBBHFinders Keepers
HMMatt HammondWCNCMartin's Treasures
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2012 1st Qtr East Top Station

Spot News1st PlaceNick MoronWAVYPoor Sunny
2nd PlaceBen MulkeyWLOSAre You Stupid?
3rd PlaceLuke RollinsWBFFNice Cars, Super Friendly
HMLuke RollinsWBFFA Chance to Win
Deadline News1st PlaceNick MoronWAVYBeep Your Horn
2nd PlaceKenny BeckerWAVYRemembering Ira
3rd PlaceBen MulkeyWLOSLet's Go Bulldogs
HMJohn KirtleyWLOSEarl Scruggs Remembered
General News1st PlaceDavid LarsonWBFFCommunity of Heavy Hearts
2nd PlaceJason FischerWBFFUp to the Challenge
3rd PlaceJon SamuelsWXIAChicken Fight
HMKenny BeckerWAVYBig E
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceDavid LarsonWBFFProject Linus
2nd PlaceJon SamuelsWXIAFlo
3rd PlaceJohn KirtleyWLOSLeap Year Triplets
HMDan RenzettiNews 12, CTAmiya's Voice
In Depth1st PlaceNick MoronWAVYPattern of Inspiration
2nd PlaceJohn KirtleyWLOSKicking Yoda
3rd PlaceJason FischerWBFFZaching
HMJames SearlsWBFFLet me at 'em
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2011 4th Qtr East General

Spot News1st PlaceRichey BoydWCIV"Jumping Flames"
2nd PlaceErik ArendtWFMY"Lost Holiday"
3rd PlacePhil WilletteWBBH"Lakeport Tornado"
Deadline News1st PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC"It Gives me Life"
2nd PlaceTim HawkinsWTVR"Missing Mandolin"
3rd PlaceAma Arthur-AsmahWTVR"Looking for Little Robert"
HMBrandon GreirWCIV"Bachman V Occupy"
General News1st PlaceDan RobbinsWCNC"Big QR Code"
2nd PlacePhil WilletteWBBH"Bonita Bear"
3rd PlaceGreg SimpsonWSOC"Soldier Comes Home"
HMAma Arthur-AsmahWTVR"A Hala Who?"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceKevin RidleyWCNC"Uptown Singer"
2nd PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC"Gate of Heaven"
3rd PlaceSteve FloodWXIA"Haunting Norcross"
HMFerlon Webster JrWGHP"Running the Mud Bug"
In Depth1st PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC"Music comes from the Street"
2nd PlaceDan RobbinsWCNC"Homecoming Queen"
3rd PlaceMatthew ApthorpWBBH"Nature Police"
HMEric SanderWGHP"Bat Cave"
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2011 4th Qtr East Top Station

Spot News1st PlaceKenny BeckerWAVY"Suit up SWAT"
2nd PlaceBen MulkeyWLOS"SUV vs House"
3rd Placenot awarded
HMnot awarded
Deadline News1st PlaceAndy MillerWAVY"It Does Mean Something"
2nd PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF"A Tough Position"
3rd PlaceBen MulkeyWLOS"Merry Christmas Mustapha"
HMJohn KirtleyWLOS"The Road to Recovery"
General News1st PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF"From Curb to Counter"
2nd PlaceNick MoronWAVY"Mojito"
3rd PlaceAaron KurtzWAVY"Being Picky"
HMKenny Becker,WAVY"No Gangs on the Gridiron"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceAaron KurtzWAVY"Tuffy the Ring Finder"
2nd PlaceLeighton GrantWLOS"Freddy"
3rd PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF"Music is Medicine"
HMJames MenninoNews 12 CT"Documenting the Dead"
In Depth1st PlaceJason FischerWBFF“Frachon Crews”
2nd PlaceLeighton GrantWLOS“Fate”
3rd PlaceBen MulkeyWLOS“Echo Mountain”
HMNick MoronWAVY“Big Daddy”
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2011 3rd Qtr East General

Spot News1st PlaceStephen BoissyWXIA Atlanta"Nique Leili Found"
2nd PlaceAma Arthur-AsmahWTVR/Richmond"Boys and Girls Bus Crash"
3rd PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC-TV New York"Irene Blows Ashore"
Deadline1st PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC-TV NY"It’s Just Gone"
2nd PlaceDavid S. DaneWGME-TV Portland, ME"Make a Wish"
3rd PlaceEric SanderWGHP/High Point"Chicken Farms At A Crossroads"
HMGreg SimpsonWSOC Charlotte NC"Sign Hacked"
General News1st PlaceEric SanderWGHP/High Point,NC"JB kerns Comes Home"
2nd PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC-TV NY"Sept. 11, 2011: We Remember"
3rd PlaceMatt ApthorpWBBH/Fort Myers,FL"Just Checking"
HMJoe O'NeillWCIV/Charleston,SC"The Dunes are Gone"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceKenny HamiltonWXIA/Atlanta"Saving Issac"
2nd PlaceMatt ApthorpWBBH/Fort Myers,FL"Winter’s Tale"
3rd PlaceFerlon Webster JrWGHP/High Point,NC"The Triathlon"
HMDavid DaneWGME/Portland, Maine"Main Helps Vermont"
In Depth1st Placekenny hamiltonWXIA AtlantaTired runner
2nd PlaceOliver Burr JanneyCNN Washington2) Space town
3rd PlaceSteve FloodWXIA Atlanta3) Interchange
HMEric SanderWGHP/High PointHM) Best Kept Secret
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2011 3rd Qtr East Top Station

Spot News1st Placenot awarded
2nd Placenot awarded
3rd Placenot awarded
HMJames SearlsWBFF/Baltimore"This One's No Different"
Deadline1st PlaceNick MoronWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"Comfort Food"
2nd PlaceKenny BeckerWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"Irene's a Coming"
3rd PlaceJason FischerWBFF/Baltimore"Trouble on Lombard"
HMBen MulkeyWLOS/Asheville,NC"A Protest in Protest of a Protest"
General News1st PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF/Baltimore"The Cost of One Life"
2nd PlaceLeighton GrantWLOS/Asheville,NC"Cremated"
3rd PlaceJames SearlsWBFF/Baltimore"Trapped in Traffic"
HMAndy MillerWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"Didn't Get Far Enough"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceNick MoronWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"Dog Days of Summer"
2nd PlaceLeighton GrantWLOS/Asheville,NC"One Flower at a Time"
3rd PlaceDan RenzettiNews 12 CT"One Word: Art"
HMKenny BeckerWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"Fresh Out of the Oven"
In Depth1st PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF/Baltimore"Madame Butterfly"
2nd PlaceKenny BeckerWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"Cure in a Cup"
3rd PlaceMark SogofskyNews 12 CT"We're Going Streaking"
HMRobert CookNews 12 CT"Kidcaster"
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2011 2nd Qtr East General

Spot News1st PlaceBrian BechardWGME/Portland, ME"Thank God they weren’t home"
2nd PlaceEric SanderWGHP/High Point, NC"Battleground Bear"
3rd PlaceEric KetteringWJZ/Baltimore,MD"Not a Total Loss"
HMnot awarded
Deadline News1st PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC-TV New York, NY"Dirty Oil"
2nd PlaceJon GossWGCL-TV/Atlanta, GA"Officer Gaston, Wired"
3rd PlaceJoey O'NeillWCIV/Charleston, SC"Survivor Boats"
HMEric KetteringWJZ/Baltimore, MD"Six Down"
General News1st PlaceJoey O'NeillWCIV/Charleston, SC"The Meaning"
2nd PlaceKenny HamiltonWXIA/Atlanta, GA"Soldier Surprise"
3rd PlaceAma Arthur-AsmahWTVR/Richmond, VA"My Hero"
HMJohn R GaddyWCIV/Charleston, SC"Government Shutdown"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC-TV New York,NY"Polka Dot Sidewalk"
2nd PlaceSteve FloodWXIA/Atlanta, GA "Run Zoey Run"
3rd PlaceBrian BechardWGME/Portland, ME"Getting to the Bee"
HMKenny HamiltonWXIA/Atlanta, GA"Concrete Jungle"
In Depth1st PlaceEric SanderWGHP/High Point, NC" The Runner"
2nd PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC-TV New York,NY"Hanger 17"
3rd PlaceSteve FloodWXIA/Atlanta, GA"Immigration Nation"
HMJoe O'NeillWCIV/Charleston, SC"Gold Fever"
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2011 2nd Qtr East Top

Spot News1st PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF/Baltimore"What's Going On?"
2nd PlaceJames MenninoNews 12 CT"Quick Withdrawl"
3rd PlaceJacob Ward CurtisWLOS/Asheville,NC"Wild Weather Destroys Art"
HMnot awarded
Deadline News1st PlaceLeighton GrantWLOS/Asheville,NC"In Layman Terms, It Sucks"
2nd PlaceKenny BeckerWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"Serve and Spiked"
3rd PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF/Baltimore"The Life of Willy Don"
HMJoel HiltonWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"Yardwork at the Cemetery"
General News1st PlaceKenny BeckerWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"Dirty Laundry"
2nd PlaceJames SearlsWBFF/Baltimore"I Just Wanna Dance"
3rd PlaceJason FischerWBFF/Baltimore"I Need a Ticket"
HMMark SogofskyNews 12 CT"Piece by Piece"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceJohn KirtleyWLOS/Asheville,NC "The Last Bag"
2nd PlaceLeighton GrantWLOS/Asheville,NC"Field of Dreams"
3rd PlaceKyle CooperWHTM/Harrisburg, PA"He is a Miracle"
HMnot awarded
In Depth1st PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF/Baltimore "The Lovely Marla Meringue"
2nd PlaceLeigthon GrantWLOS/Asheville,NC"8 Seconds"
3rd PlaceJohn KirtleyWLOS/Asheville,NC"It Aint Got Me No More"
HMnot awarded
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2011 1st Qtr East General

Spot News1st PlaceNot Awarded
2nd PlaceGreg SimpsonWSOC/Charlotte,NC"Barn Fire"
3rd PlaceGreg SimpsonWSOC/Charlotte,NC"Crigler Fire"
HMNot Awarded
Deadline News1st PlaceKenny HamiltonWXIA/Atlanta,GA"Miracle Mom"
2nd PlaceEric SanderWGHP/High Point,NC"Estate Fire"
3rd PlaceNot Awarded
HMNot Awarded
General News1st PlaceAma Arthur-AsmahWTVR/Richmond,VA"VCU Fan Reaction"
2nd PlaceBrian BechardWGME/Portland,ME"Red’s Revival"
3rd PlaceMatt TolkRT America"Quantico Protest"
HMNot Awarded
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC/New York"Beat the Streets"
2nd PlaceMichael DelGiudiceWNBC/New York"What Lies Beneath"
3rd PlaceKenny HamiltonWXIA/Atlanta,GA"Proposal"
HMNot Awarded
In Depth1st PlaceKenny HamiltonWXIA/Atlanta,GA"Chip Nation"
2nd PlaceEric SanderWGHP/High Point,NC"High Point Shootout"
3rd PlaceAma Arthur-AsmahWTVR/Richmond,VA"Natural Hair"
HMNot Awarded
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2011 1st Qtr East Top Station

Spot News1st PlaceAndy MillerWAVY/Portsmouth"Enough is Enough"
2nd PlaceJason FischerWBFF/Baltimore"It's Crazy Out Here"
3rd PlaceAndy MillerWAVY/Portsmouth"One Step at a Time"
HMEric HeislerWHTM/Harrisburg"One Under the Truck"
Deadline News1st PlaceJohn KirtleyWLOS/Asheville"God's Gonna Get Good Out of It"
2nd PlaceBen MulkeyWLOS/Asheville"Cold Weather Work"
3rd PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF/Baltimore"It's What We're Known For"
HMJames SearlsWBFF/Baltimore"Driving Blind"
General News1st PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF/Baltimore"I Got Mine"
2nd PlaceMark SogosfkyNews 12/Norwalk"Hoop Dreams"
3rd PlaceLuke RollinsWBFF/Baltimore"A Stern, Gymnastics-Themed Lecture on the Evils of Drugs and Alcohol"
HMJason FischerWBFF/Baltimore"Abandoned Cars"
News Feature1st PlaceLeighton GrantWLOS/Asheville"I Got a Strike"
2nd PlaceJohn KirtleyWLOS/Asheville"Jessie's Honor"
3rd PlaceBen MulkeyWLOS/Asheville"Guitar Man"
HMBryan BarrWBFF/Baltimore"Special Love"
In Depth1st PlaceNick MoronWAVY/Portsmouth"Online Gun Permit"
2nd PlaceDavid LarsonWBFF/Baltimore"This Hallowed Ground"
3rd PlaceChristopher WoodNews 12/Norwalk"Perfect Match"
HMJohn KirtleyWLOS/Asheville"Lost Boy"
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