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2012 2nd Qtr Solo Video Journalist

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2012 1st Qtr Solo Video Journalist

Deadline News1st PlaceWade SmithKTVINo Pants Riders
2nd PlaceChris ConteWHAMFighting the Night
3rd PlaceMike AndersonKSLSheet Flooding
HMIngrid AllstaedtWLOSEllenboro Tornado
General News1st PlaceAnne HerbstThe Denver PostSmooth Talkers
2nd PlaceMitch PittmanKSTPSidewalk Poetry
3rd PlacePaul GesslerWBBH-WZVNLeap Day Babies
HMChris ConteWHAMRick's Work of Art
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceMatthew PearlWXIAShow me a Sign
2nd PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD2nd Marriage Every Girl Dreams Of
3rd PlaceMahala GaylordThe Denver PostSongwriting Camp for Vets
HMMike PerryKHQPortrait of a Town
In Depth1st PlaceMatthew PearlWXIAAiming Ahead, Making History
2nd PlaceAnne HerbstThe Denver PostWhen Dr. Spillman met Sally
3rd PlaceMitch PittmanKSTPWith Love From Gladys
HMGreg BledsoeKNSDJose's Wish
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2011 4th Qtr Solo Video

Deadline1st PlaceWade SmithKTVI"Toys For Tots"
2nd PlaceMitch PittmanKSTP"Hour of Power"
3rd PlaceIngrid AllstaedtWLOS"Country Club Fire"
HMIngrid AllstaedtWLOS"A Halloween Prank"
General News1st PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD/San Diego"Survival Story"
2nd PlaceAndrew TanielianNBC 5 Dallas"Taxi Cab Confession"
3rd PlaceChris ConteWHAM, Rochester"Dangers Collide"
HMMahala GaylordDenver Post, Denver"6,000 Pipes"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD/San Diego"He Touched 1000s of Lives"
2nd PlaceAnne HerbstDenver Post/Denver"Making Monsters"
3rd PlacePaul GesslerWZVN"Fort Meyers"
HMMatthew PearlWXIA"Bob the Turkey"
In Depth1st PlaceMatthew PearlWXIA"Heroes for Each Other"
2nd PlaceAnne HerbstDenver Post/Denver"CoraVette"
3rd PlacePaul GesslerWZVN“Following the Heroes of Hope”
HMHeather HintzeKTVA--Anchorage"Operation Santa"
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2011 3rd Qtr Solo Video

Deadline1st PlaceKevin TorresKUSA/Denver,CO"Sky-High Veterans"
2nd PlaceWade SmithKTVI St Louis"Don't Go, Albert"
3rd PlaceMitch PittmanKSTP/Saint Paul,MN"Bike Safety"
HMChris ConteWHAM/Rochester"What Can We Do?"
General News1st PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD/San Diego"Song for Sophie"
2nd PlaceMitch PittmanKSTP/Saint Paul,MN"Back to Work"
3rd PlaceWade SmithKTVI St Louis"Heat is On"
HMChris ConteWHAM/Rochester"Flag Guys"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceMatthew PearlWXIA/Atlanta"A Dog Named Bunny"
2nd PlacePaul GesslerWBBH/WZVN/Fort Myers, Fla"Fort Myers Derby Girls"
3rd PlaceRobert ChewningWDBJ7/Roanoke VA"One More Flight"
HMnot awarded
In Depth1st PlaceAnne HerbstDenver Post/Denver"Play for Prairie Dogs"
2nd PlaceMahala GaylordDenver Post/Denver"Jenner's Run"
3rd PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD/San Diego"Mindset of Maturity"
HMAnne HerbstDenver Post/Denver"Horseshoe Champ"
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2011 2nd Qtr Solo Video

Deadline News1st PlaceMitch PittmanKSTP/Minneapolis, MN"Ride of Your Life"
2nd PlaceIngrid AllstaedtWLOS/Asheville,NC"A Challenge on 2 Wheels"
3rd PlaceWalter HildebrandWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"World Changers"
HMNot Awarded
General News1st PlaceSteven LukeKNSD/San Diego, CA"Airport Rush"
2nd PlaceAndrew TanielianNBC 5/ Dallas,TX"Special Delivery"
3rd PlaceMitch PittmanKSTP/Minneapolis, MN "Like a Little Katrina"
HMSteven LukeKNSD/San Diego, CA"Play Ball"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceAndrew TanielianNBC 5/ Dallas,TX"Can do Attitude"
2nd PlaceKevin TorresKUSA/Denver,CO"UFO Watch Tower"
3rd PlaceStephen HookerWIS/Columbia,SC"Adam knows his Competition"
HMnot awarded
In Depth1st PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD/San Diego, CA"Don't Dismiss Us"
2nd PlaceMahala GaylordDenver Post/CO"Charlie Burrell"
3rd PlaceMatthew Pearl WXIA/Atlanta,GA"Proper Burial for a Forgotten Soldier"
HMMahala GaylordDenver Post/CO"Bee Keeping"
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2011 1st Qtr Solo Video

Deadline1st PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD/San Diego"Family For a Day"
2nd PlaceWalter HilderbrandWAVY/Portsmouth,VA"Tatoo You"
3rd PlaceIngrid AllstaedtWLOS/Asheville,NC"Wild Dog Round Up"
HMStephan HookerWIS/Columbia,SC"John and Doscha Just Want to Get Married"
General News1st PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD/San Diego"The Amateur"
2nd PlaceMitch PittmanKSTP/Minneapolis"Ultimate Sacrifice"
3rd PlaceAndrew TanielianKXAS/Dallas-Fort Worth"Love of the Game"
HMDavid DelozierKUSA/Denver"Remember the Ten"
48 Hour Feature1st PlaceKevin TorresKUSA/Denver"Delaney's Dying Wish"
2nd PlaceAnnette LawlessWJW/Cleveland"Ohio's Oldest Bowler"
3rd PlaceAnnette LawlessWJW/Cleveland"Pierogi Tradition"
HMnot awarded
In Depth1st PlaceMatthew PearlWXIA/Atlanta,GA"Three Brothers, One Triathlon"
2nd PlaceDavid DelozierKUSA/Denver"At Journey's End"
3rd PlaceMatthew PearlWXIA/Atlanta,GA"The Changing Face of the Homeless Atlantan"
HMnot awarded
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2010 Final Photog Standings!


1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterFinal Reults
Michelle Michael, AFN/Europe111491448
Greg Bledsoe, KNSD/San Diego, CA12912345
Matthew Pearl, WXIA/Atlanta20146141
Mitch Pitman,WFFF/Colchester, Vermont16201441
David Delozier, KUSA/Denver6233638
Doug Magditch,KSPR/Springfield, MO1311924
Alana Greenfogel, WNDU/South Bend, IN0023023
Robert Rizzo WAVY/Portsmouth2011022
Patrick James Dowd, WAVY/Portsmouth, VA6141122
Kevin Torres, KUSA/Denver3111116
Ashley Yarchin,KSDK/St Loius, MO136111
James Wulff, KPNX/Phoenix, AZ118010
Julie Wolfe, WXIA/Atlanta61108


1st QTR2nd QTR3rd QTR4th QTRTotal
Darren Durlach WBFF / Baltimore, MD
Matt Mrozinski, WAVY/Portsmouth, VA1922231983
David Larson WBFF / Baltimore, MD 1723142074
Luke Rollins, WBFF/Baltimore, MD99112049
Mark Sogofsky, News 12/Norwalk17131132
Bryan Barr, WBFF/Baltimore, MD11116129
Eric Heisler, WHTM/Harrisburg, PA1611725
Joe O'Neill, WHTM/Harrisburg, PA993122
Kim Blessinger, WBFF / Baltimore, MD1812021
Colin McIntyre, WAVY/Portsmouth, VA2000020
Erik Neilsen, WBFF / Baltimore, MD611614
Andy Miller, WAVY/Portsmouth, VA1111316
Joe Camut, WHTM/Harrisburg, PA1121115
Todd Krupa, YNN/Rochester, NY61108


1st Qtr2nd Qtr3rd Qtr4th QtrTotal
Leighton Grant, WLOS/Asheville, NC EAST GENERAL POY2517282595
Ben Mulkey, WLOS/Asheville, NC331252281
Michael DelGiudice, WNBC/New York, NY2023231177
Kenny Hamilton, WXIA/Atlanta, GA 201261452
Jon Samuels, WXIA/Atlanta, GA201611249
Steve Flood, WXIA/Atlanta, GA11161432
Frankie Gunnell, WCNC/Charlotte, NC139114
Greg Berkey, WGAL/Harrisburg, PA190010
Kevin J Ridley, WCNC/Charlotte, NC100910
Tom Kretschmer, Comcast Sportsnet / Philadelphia, PA61007
Steve Jacobi, CBN News06107
Thomas Hass, Hass Productions03003
Jeremy Harlan,CNN00909
Mike Hanson, WCNC/Charlotte,NC11619
Jacob Curtis, WLOS/Asheville, NC00066


1st QTR2nd Qtr3rd Qtr4th QtrTotal
Bill Middeke, KARE/Minneapolis, MN CENTRAL TOP POY193183189
Nathan Thompson, WTVF-TV/Nashville, TN1920121263
Rob Collet, KTUL/Tulsa, OK121912557
Jason Hanson, KSTP/St. Paul, MN11623343
Mike Rose, WTVF-TV/Nashville,TN09171137
John Thain, KSTP/St. Paul, MN2331936
Jared Bergerson, KSTP/St. Paul, MN6129330
Steve Rhodes, WTHR/Indianapolis, IN00121224
John Duong, WTHR/Indianapolis, IN0022123
Charlie Woodward, WTVF-TV/Nashville,TN169622
Chris Hansen, KSTP/St. Paul, MN091919
Audra Rogers, WTVF-TV/Nashville,TN901616
Dan Bolsem, KCCI-TV/Des Moines, IA1211115
Nathan Sharkey, WTVF-TV/Nashville, TN1400014
Glen Biermann, KCCI-TV/Des Moines, IA633113
Jesse Landolt, KCCI-TV/Des Moines, IA163111
Russ Gover, WTHR/Indianapolis, IN009110
Taka Yokoyama, KY3-TV/Springfield, MO09009
Mike Vandersnick, WFRV/Green Bay, WI60118
Dave Duchan, WFRV/Green Bay, WI16108
Tom Schultheis, KY3-TV/Springfield, MO13105


Michael Driver WHAS/ Louisville, KY Central General POY011222861
George Taylor KWCH/ Wichita, KS117172560
Eric Voss KSDK/St. Louis, MO91231557
Wade Smith, KTVI/St. Louis, MO17561745
Matt Nelson, KCRG/Cedar Rapids, IA6911733
Kevin Sullivan, WALA/Mobile, AL2216029
Brandon Bingham WHO/Des Moines6191026
Scott Schaefer KOMU/Columbia, MO1219022
Billy Dry KOKH/Oklahoma City, OK918119
James Anderson NWCT/ Brooklyn Park, MN193619
Ben Kroll NWCT/ Brooklyn Park, MN196319
Dustin Scholl, NWCT/Brooklyn Park, MN 3121117
Matthew Michela KOKH/Oklahoma City, OK690015
Chris Blake KCRG/Cedar Rapids, IA1211014
Ryan Thedwall WNDU/ South Bend, IN193114
Carly Danek WCCO/Minneapolis, MN1200012
Paul McReynolds KSPR/ Springfield, MO0120012
James Searls, WHO/Des Moines910010
John C. Wilson WKYT/ Richmond, KY061310
Eric Walton WNDU/South Bend, IN61119
Jacob Nagel WDIV/Detroit, Michigan00909
Jerry Paauwe KOKH/Oklahoma City, OK90009
Michael Flynn KOKH/ Oklahoma City, OK16007
Erik Arendt KCRG/ Cedar Rapids, IA03003
Reed Nolan WITI/Milwaukee, WI0112922
Kevin Lewis WNDU/ South Bend, IN00099


Anne Herbst- POY, KUSA/Denver, CO2516142277
Dave Althouse, KDVR/Denver28209360
Everett McEwan KDVR/Denver, CO122217354
Corky Scholl KUSA/Denver, CO014172354
Kurt Austin KGW/Portland, OR912121245
Thomas Cole KUSA/Denver,CO61261438
Noah Skinner, KDVR/Denver, CO 1968134
Steven Redlin, KGW/Portland, OR1911122
Ken McCormick KGW/ Portland, OR199120
Eric Gaylord KDVR/Denver, CO0011718
Kyle Zuele KLAS/Las Vegas, NV169117
Jason Boyd KLAS/Las Vegas, NV1121115
Eric Kehe KUSA/Denver. CO1112115
Richard Jordan KTUU/Anchorage, AK1112115
Kevin Sullivan KUSA/Denver, CO0001414
Andy Buck KUSA/Denver,CO363113
Alex Brauer KLAS/Las Vegas0011112
Carolyn Hall Jensen, KTUU Anchorage, AK00099
Kash Cashell KLAS/Las Vegas01618
Manny Sotelo KUSA/Denver, CO 31116
Joshua Borough KTUU/Anchorage, AK13116


1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterTotal
Douglas Burgess-POY KING5/Seattle, WA
Ron Sanford KING5/Seattle, WA
Scott Jensen KING5/Seattle, WA
Steve Douglas KING5-TV/Seattle, WA
Adam Tischler KING5/Seattle, WA
Michael Humphries KENS/San Antonio, TX
Zac Gooch KBAK/Bakersfield, CA
Jon Martin KBAK/Bakersfield, CA
Devin Eskew KPTV/Potland,OR1917027
Josh Godfrey KHQ/Spokane, WA0020121
Pete Cassam KING/Seattle, WA116917
Ty Nguyen KOIN/Portland, OR0001616
Ryan Coe KHQ/Spokane, WA1014116
Steve Mills KBAK/Bakersfield, CA1211014
John Kirtley KOIN/Portland, OR181313
James Koh KBAK/Bakersfield, CA
Carolyn Hall KING 5/Seattle, WA
Kevin Farmer KATU, Alaska0012012
Katie Johnson KOMO/Seattle, WA119112
Larry Burns KENS/San Antonio, TX 191011
Ernesto Torres KHOU-TV/Houston, TX
Johnny Guillen KBAK/Bakersfield, CA11305
Ken Jones KING/Seattle, WA03014
Samuel Salzwedel KOLD/Tucson, AZ
Rich Shibley KOIN/Portland, OR00303

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2010 4th Qtr Solo Video

Deadline News1st PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD"A Passion for Produce"
2nd PlaceDoug MagditchKSPR"Downtown Plane Crash"
3rd Placenot awarded
HMnot awarded
Daily1st PlaceMichelle MichaelAFN"Family of the Year"
2nd PlaceKevin TorresKUSA"Arvada Drillers"
3rd PlaceMitch PittmanWFFF"We're Getting Flooded Out"
HMMichelle MichaelAFN"Survivors"
In Depth1st PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD"Darrens' Legacy"
2nd PlaceMitch PitmanWFFF"The Moment"
3rd PlaceDave DelozierKUSA"Emily's Hope"
HMKevin TorresKUSA"Restoration Artist"
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2010 3rd Qtr Solo Video

Deadline News1st PlaceMitch PittmanWFFF"International Effort"
2nd PlaceMitch PittmanWFFF"Cutting Edge Artist"
3rd PlaceAshley YarchinKSDK"Eyes of Haiti"
HMJames WulffKPNX"Valley Dodgeball"
Daily1st PlaceAlana GreenfogelWNDU"Gaining Yards"
2nd PlaceMichelle MichaelAFN"Painter in the Park"
3rd PlaceJames WulffKPNX"Free Fitness Bootcamp"
HMDave DelozierKUSA"Mile by Mile"
In Depth1st PlaceAlana GreenfogelWNDU"Sargent the Sergeant"
2nd PlaceDoug MagditchKSPR"Bo Riddle"
3rd PlaceMatthew PearlWXIA"A Story of Faith"
HMDoug MagditchKSPR"La Russell Pump"
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2010 2nd Qtr Solo Video

Deadline1st PlaceDavid DelozierKUSA“Hail of a Storm”
2nd PlacePatrick James DowdWAVY“Coast Guard Cutter Homecoming”
3rd PlacePatrick James DowdWAVY“Fun Forest Vandalism”
HMAshley YarchinKSDK“Water Line Leak”
Daily1st PlaceMichelle MichaelAFN“Bob the Bugler”
2nd PlaceGreg BledsoeKSND“October Skies in May”
3rd PlaceMitch PittmanWFFF“It’s Like Recess for Adults”
HMMichelle MichaelAFN“Arthur”
In Depth1st PlaceDavid DelozierKUSA“Lost Stories”
2nd PlaceMatthew PearlWXIA“Radio DJ Battles Breast Cancer”
3rd PlaceMatthew PearlWXIA“Champ’s Last Day”
HMDoug MagditchKSPR“Suicide Support”

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2010 1st Qtr Solo Video

Deadline1st PlaceRobert RizzoWAVY"Church Steeple Repaired"
2nd PlaceRobert RizzoWAVY"OBX Turtles"
3rd PlacePatrick James DowdWAVY“Norfolk Chess Initiative”
HMnot awarded
Daily1st PlaceGreg BledsoeKNSD"Floatopia"
2nd PlaceMichelle MichaelAFN“We Can’t Quit”
3rd PlaceJulie WolfeWXIA“Finish the Trip”
HMMichelle MichaelAFN“Paid to Laugh”
In Depth1st PlaceMatthew PearlWXIA"A Kidney for an Infant"
2nd PlaceMatthew PearlWXIA “Blood Brother, Blood Sister”
3rd PlaceDavid DelozierKUSA“Born to be a Demon”
HMKevin TorresKUSA“Wyoming’s Wild Horses”

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