2013 Awards Ceremony

Monday, March 24th at 6PM Pacific Time  –  Contest chairs will announce the 2013 TV Quarterly Clip Contest awards LIVE via Google Hangouts embedded in the video above. Announcements will included: Photographer of the Year, Station of the Year, and Solo Video Journalist of the Year. We will also name the Top Pools for the 2014 contest. All fourth quarter results will be available online immediately after the broadcast.

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Now accepting entries for Q4

Read the rules, prepare your entry, and enter the contest today! The deadline to enter is January 10th. Late entries will not be accepted.

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Now Accepting Entries

The contest is now accepting third quarter entries.  Please read the rules and then Enter the Contest. While you choose your entries, consider this – General News is the most commonly entered category. Spot News is the least entered.  Click here for the full statistics.

Also keep in mind the Top three most common entry mistakes:

1. Mislabeling the video clips. Make sure your video files are named according to the rules, ie, GENERAL NEWS_FLOOD RECOVERY.mp4

2. Video files are too large. Our server space is limited. Stories must be kept under 100MB. Longer, In Depth stories can be up to 250MB.

3.  The Story Name does not match the video clip. It is important to use the same name for the video file as you do on the form. This will prevent your video from getting lost.

Being in the news business, we like to push things right up to the last minute. Unfortunately, when breaking news hits, you might not be able to get your entry in on time, so enter early and good luck!

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Rule Clarification – “NAT packages” in Solo Video Contest

The Solo Video Contest has received a higher number of “NAT package” entries this year. Until now, the rules have remained unclear on the eligibility of a reporter-less story for this contest. After some discussion, we have decided that these stories do not fit within the spirit of the Solo Video Contest and the rules need to be clearer.

The purpose of the Solo Video Contest is to recognize the work of those working outside the traditional role of photojournalist or reporter. It also serves to encourage a higher standard and growth for those who face the unique challenges of working alone.

Without any written words to judge, NAT packages “do not require the journalist to work outside the traditional responsibilities of a photojournalist”.  In order for  entrants to be judged on a level ground, all stories must meet the same criteria.  Moving forward NAT packs  will only be  accepted in the TV  Quarterly Clip Contest. The modified rules for Solo Video Contest Entries now reads as follows:

An entry must have been published (online or on TV) for the first time during the contest quarter. The entrant must have shot at least 90% of the entry. The entrant must also have written, tracked, and edited the entry.  “NAT packages” (stories without reporter track) are not allowed. Re-editing is not allowed. There is no penalty to the entrant if file or historical video is used, although historical or file video cannot exceed more than 25% of the total story run time.

***You may only enter one contest each quarter*** If you choose to enter the TV Quarterly Clip Contest you may NOT enter the Solo Video Contest in the same quarter and vice-versa.

Published by,

John Thain, TV Quarterly Clip Contest Chair
Andy Miller, Solo Video Contest Chair

Contact us

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Get ready for 3rd Quarter

The contest will open for entries October 1st through 10th. Late entries will not be accepted.

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Good Luck in 2nd Quarter!

The contest is now closed, it will reopen for 3rd quarter entries on October 1st. Good luck to all the entrants!

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Now accepting entries

The contest is now open and will be accepting entries until July 10th. Please read the rules and then Enter the Contest.

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Contest Entry Numbers

It is a goal of ours to try to get out as much contest information as possible out to our entrants.  In the spirit of that, we are publishing the contest entry numbers so that you can get a better idea of how many people enter the contest, and how competitive each category is.

Contest EntriesOne thing is for certain – the contest is growing.  2012 saw 500 more entries then 2010.  2013 Q1 is the highest-entered quarter in years.  Regionally, the Central Region is the lowest entered.  Historically that hasn’t always been the case – in 2010 the East Region had only 369 entries.  It is now the most-entered with 654 entries in 2012.

I was encouraged to learn that the 1st Quarter of 2013 had 544 entries.  In comparison, 1st Quarter of 2012 had 385.  2013 Q1 Total EntriesOverall, General News is the most competitive category at 36%.  Spot News is the lowest entered at less then 9%.  Some regions barely have enough spot news entries to place a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  So if these numbers tell you anything, they should tell you this – ENTER SPOT NEWS.  The Solo Video Contest is much better balanced.  The four categories range from 19-30% each.  Here again, General News is the most entered.  In-Depth is the lowest.


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2013 Results

Look for the latest 2013 contest results in the menus to the left.  2012 results are available in the Archives menu above.

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Good luck in Q1!

The contest is no longer accepting entries.  It will re-open for 2nd quarter entries on July 1st.

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Server back Online

Our video server was down overnight last night. If you had trouble entering the contest, please try re-entering it today. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Now accepting entries!

The 2013 contest is now open and will be accepting 1st Quarter entries until April 10th.  Late entries will not be accepted.  1st Quarter entries must have been shot between January 1st and March 31st.  Read the rules, then Enter the Contest.  Good luck everyone!

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